14 top Digital Marketing Tools and Why we Love them

Mid- to large companies spend about 958 million dollars on revamping their marketing strategies. This speaks volumes about the need for an effective digital marketing strategy. Also, enhancing marketing campaigns is not limited to the sized of a business. It is required equally for small as well as big sized companies. 

One of the primary reasons to keep enhancing your digital marketing strategy is to keep up with the dynamic needs of a customer. In order to design a strategy that is customer-centric, you first need data that lets you know your customer and tools that then help you design an effective marketing strategy. 

Here is when big data also come into the picture. If you have a large volume of data to store and analyze, you need big data tools. After analyzing the data, you need digital marketing tools to market effectively. The main benefit of using such tools is that it helps businesses automize redundant tasks which overalll saves time. 

For instance, instead of using registration forms or fixed templates, you can customize these forms as per your business needs. Learn more about form builders to use them effectively. Plus, there are templates that help you take surveys, analyze them and make well-informed business decisions. 

Jdbt template is one such way to collect surveys of thousands of people in minutes and make informed decisions based on that. 


As seen in the image above, digital marketing is a wide umbrella. Fromsocial media, inbound marketing, taking feedback, designing visuals that attract viewers, and email marketing–all of this and more are included under digital marketing. 

In this article, we will look at fourteen digital marketing tools that will help you enhance all these segments of marketing. So, let’s jump right into it. 

14 Tools to enhance the digital marketing of your business

While big data tools help businesses collect and analyze customer data, there are some digital marketing tools to help you take things further. Let us look at fourteen such tools that will help you take your digital marketing game a level higher. 

  1. Hubspot 

The hubspot CRM is popular as it consists of powerful tools with exceptional features that help businesses with email tracking, meetings scheduling and chat options. One of the primary reasons to use HubSpot CRM is its price and its usability. You can start using it for free and it is super easy to use. 

However, the free plan only allows up to two users to access the platform. So, if you are a big sized company, consider purchasing a subscription plan so that multiple users can have access to it. 

  1. Hootsuite 


91% of marketers stated they noticed a spike in their brand visibility with spending only a few hours a week on social media. While social media marketing is one of the prime factors in digital marketing, accessing and managing all social media profiles could get challenging. Hootsuite makes this easy. 

The social dashboard lets you manage all social media profiles from one place. You can access up to three profiles for free and upgrade to a plan for more accessibility. Using this tool will level up your social media marketing game by making it more efficient. 

  1. Trello

This is a project management tool that makes it possible for marketers to collaborate among freelancers, marketing divisions and more. It also allows managing social tasks and track time–all under the basic package. 

  1. Elance 

In this world where freelancers are taking over, there is a need of a reliable freelancer site where companies and freelancers can collaborate easily. While hiring a freelancer might not be as expensive and time-consuming, you still need to do some research. This site allows you to go through the reviews of the freelancers and them make a decision. 

  1. Canva


Design is what captures the eye of the viewer. This is a desinging tool where you can design images to post on social media, create infographics, and custom-made images to increase traffic, and retain customer attention easily. This tool can be a go-to designing tool especially for small businesses as it requires least investment of money and is super easy to use. 

  1. SurveyMonkey

Customer engagement is a key factor improving marketing efforts. In order to get your cusotmers engaged, you need to take surveys at regular intervals and analyze them. This information lets marketers know what is actually working and what needs tweaking. It is a tool that helps buisneses improve advertisements and promotions and design a customer-centric product. 

  1. Google analytics 

You cannot improvise a strategy without analysis of data. Whether you have huge customer data but no tool to analyze it, your marketing efforts would remain incomplete. Google analytics is a free and handy tool that adds to your data. It gathers consumers’ information that visit your website. 

You can use this data to allocate budget, redirect SEO efforts, improve the overall website appeal and even in sharpening your target audience.

  1. Google drive

Well, if you have a gmail account, Google drive offers unlimited storage free of cost. This is an excellent online collaboration tool that helps you store and organize files and even share archieves with other users. You can make the most of it as a content marketing storage tool as it allows you to store huge amount of data. 

  1. Evernote 

A business meeting without anyone recording notes, sessions or action points will not prove to be a successful one. This is a multi-organizational tool that helps ideas to create actionable points, take notes, record research and keep track of blogging topics at a single place. If you have this type of a digital blackboard that is within everyone’s close proximity, it will help businesses conduct efficient meetings. 

  1. Semrush 

To driver traffic to your website, you need both–quality content and competitie intelligence. While this tool is widely regarded as an SEO tool, it has various digital marketing features that can benefit your business. It offers features like PPC spying, CRO, social medaia compettve analysis and PR monitoring. 

  1. Slack 

It is a tool that allows users to manage communication. Not just text messages, you can even share various file formats via the platfomr. Plus, you can connect to video conference calls and create groups where in you can add team members to increase productivity. If you want to manage a team of members, this is an apt tool. 

  1. Asana 

If you are a middle or big sized company handling many employees, this project management tool is for you. You can break down tasks into sub-tasks, assign them to the team members and keep a track of the progress of the project. This tool provides product managers visiblity and accountability of team members.

You can even set up benchmarks for your project which could be accessible and visible to the entire organization. Furthermore, this tool can integrate with several other third-party tools and you can start using it for free. 

  1. ConvertKit

While you can always create great branded product launch emails to launch your product, increasing your email open rates or keeping up with the email sequences could get challenging overtime. 

This tool offers an advanced multi-step in email marketing by offering complex automation for your emails which takes minutes to build. Plus, the links inserted within your emails are reported in a dashboard. With this single tool, you can create email lists efficiently, attract more visitors, view and close sales of your business. 

  1. Buzzsumo


Want a tool that gets to the heart of social media analytics? If the answer yes, stop your halt and go for Buzzsumo. Through this tool, you can identify social media influencers, build exception journalist prolies and get access to most shared content. These features will help you stay ahead of the game and one up your competitors. 

Wrapping up 14 digital marketing tools and why we love them 

The end goal for any business is generating revenue, right? However, the time required to achieve this goal makes the world of a differnce. With these fourteen tools mentioned in the article, you can save time and reach your goal faster. 

These tools will be of help even if you are blogger, freelancer, start-up or are still thinking of running a business. You can enhance your already existing digital marketing strategy by these tools or can strategize better if you do not already have a strategy in place. The point is to automize your marketing strategy as much as you can, regardless of the domain you are in. 

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