7 Social Media Strategies for Realtors in 2019

Everyone in the real estate industry is constantly told that on top of all of their other responsibilities, they MUST also be Social media experts. You will hear vague strategies like – go live on Facebook 3 times per day, post everything you do in life, dog pictures…

People LOVE dog pictures! While those things can be helpful in getting interaction with your current friends/followers, they will most likely NOT help you get in front of new potential clients. Realtors are especially sold these “strategies” at every class or conference they go to.

In order to help Realtors cut through the cloud of confusion that is Social Media, I’ve put together this list of the Top 7 Social Media Strategies specifically for Realtors going into 2019 who are busy or have no idea where to begin.

1 – Connect Your Facebook & Instagram Accounts

If you haven’t done this yet then it’s actually too late… just kidding 🤞
Not everyone knows this but Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012 for $1 billion. Since that time, Facebook has made every effort possible to merge the 2 platforms as much as possible while still keeping them separate. Makes total sense right? 🤔

The amazing thing is, when you connect the 2 platforms, your Facebook ads can now appear in Instagram as well, which more than DOUBLES your ad’s reach!! 😳

How To connect Instagram to your Facebook business page:

1) Go to your Facebook business page

2) Go to your page settings

3) Click on “Instagram” on the menu to the left

4) Log into your Instagram account

BOOM! You just DOUBLED your Facebook ad reach!! 🙆‍♂️

2 – Verify Your Facebook Business Page

Ever notice how some Facebook business pages have a little checkmark ✔️ by the page’s profile picture? That checkmark is actually VERY important for getting you page seen a lot more.

If your page is “Verified” then it is more likely to be seen than similar pages that are not “verified.”

How To “Verify” your Facebook business page:

1) Go to your Facebook business page

2) Go to your page settings

3) Click on “General” on the menu to the left

4) Click “Page Verification” on the menu to the right

5) Follow the prompts & Facebook will call your business phone number. Once this is done, your page is “verified.”

Your page is now be more visible than 70% of your competition!

3 – Home Promotional Videos

Home Promo Videos 🏠 are an EXTREMELY creative way to showcase and market listings. Recently, a new trend has developed mainly with high-end homes of paying models to portray fictional owners of the home throwing elaborate parties, fancy… yet odd dinners, and weird fashion shows. At first I thought it was a bit over the top… but now I just wonder if that’s what rich people actually do? 🤷‍♂️

The problem is a lot of these videos distract from what they are trying to do in the first place… SELL THE DANG HOUSE! I swear, I watch some of these videos and don’t notice anything about the house. Be sure to work with a professional that can show you a portfolio that focuses more on the house than their inner-Tim Burton.

Just… don’t do this

Where do I even start on this one? Do I even need to? Nah.

Or this…
Amazing house! Not a terrible video, but it’s super cheesy. Some might like it but it turned off a large amount of internet viewers… although, a majority of people on the internet can’t afford this place anyways!

BONUS: Listings with Drone Videos sell 68% faster than listings without drone videos! (as of April 2019) So yeah… do them.

4 – Audience: Actual Key Terms to target 🎯 Potential Clients

Facebook & Instagram marketers everywhere FREAKED OUT when Facebook removed the “Likely To Buy A Home” 🎯 key term… and I was one of them. It forced us all to become more creative. But many digital marketers were not able to adjust and were put out of business almost over night. These events are known as “Facebook Slaps.” The term originated from the big “Google Slap” years ago when Google essentially cut ✂️ out the middleman in getting various businesses Google leads.

Most digital marketers REFUSE to give up their precious audience key terms, but I believe in providing REAL value 💰 to my audience. I can’t believe I’m doing this but… Here are a few audience key terms I use when getting Realtors real estate leads:

  1. Relocation (personal)
  2. For sale by owner
  3. First-time buyer

5 – Hashtags ###

Facebook & Instagram allow you to use up to 30 Hashtags per post, but you don’t have to use nearly that many. In fact, using too many Hashtags could actually hurt your post’s potential reach. Though there is no definitive number that Facebook & Instagram have admitted is best to use, many Influencers 🤓 agree that (at this time) 11 Hashtags seems to be the most effective. They also agree that sprinkling 🍨 them NATURALLY throughout your post is more effective than just piling on a bunch at the bottom of your post.

6 – Emojis 😎

Just like with Hashtags, using Emojis 😊 is better than not using Emojis. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been using them throughout this article. BUT DO NOT use an Emoji every other word! Instead, use them NATURALLY as well. I recommend using only a few. One every 2-3 lines of text is more than enough. Emojis in a Facebook post can increase the number of likes by 57%! AND they can increase the number of comments and shares by 33%! 🤓 I know some people think Emojis are cheesy and dumb, but since using Emojis drastically increases the likelihood of engagement, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using them.

BONUS: Just for you lovely people reading this blog, here are the 10 Emoji’s most likely to increase engagement:


—shhhh 🤫 don’t tell anybody 😉

Why those specific Emoji’s? Because… well… actually… I have no idea.

I also don’t care. That’s what works so that’s what I’ll use.

7 – Get Recommendations

Having lots of recommendations is EXTREMELY valuable!

How many? More than your competition! THAT’S how many! And it HAS to be a perfect rating. Or as perfect as possible, try your best not to ever have a rating under 4.7, trust me.

Facebook keeps changing their rating method. 😑 For years it was the tried and true 5 ⭐ rating method, the most common in the world. But Facebook decided they were too good for that. 😤 So recently, Facebook opted for a “Recommend/Do Not Recommend” method. It’s kind of weird… but there’s a method to the madness. I think? The way I look at it is, no one can completely jack up my rating by leaving me a 1 ⭐ review anymore. I think Facebook was actually very smart in this regard because they know what we all know: If a customer had a great process, but they were unhappy about ONE tiny little thing, they often just go balls-to-the-wall and leave you a 1 ⭐ review, which is completely unfair to the business!

How To Get Recommendations From People:

1) Ask.People.

2) That’s it.

–It’s that simple. Just ask people to go to your page and “Recommend it” with a short blurb of why you are so amazing. If you’re not amazing, then BECOME amazing. If you’re a good Realtor then this really shouldn’t be difficult. If no one will Recommend you… then you may want to consider another line of work (I say that with love!😘).


SHORTCUTS: Don’t Take Them.

My BIGGEST piece of advice is to not take shortcuts with any of this. Shortcuts don’t always work out… And I’m living proof. The other day, as I was trying to go around traffic at a light by driving through a Walgreen’s parking lot as I sometimes do when there’s a few 🚗 waiting to turn onto a busy street in Tampa, I turned down the back alley only to see a huge semi 🚛 blocking the entire alley…. and my beloved shortcut 😞. This left me with only one option: turn around and go back the way I had come and now I was even further back in the line than I would have been!

Taking a driving shortcut when we can is fine, sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. Not a big deal. But when we try to take shortcuts in life: Job, Family, Goals, or whatever, it rarely EVER works out. Take the time to do this right the first time and I PROMISE you will end up getting your desired result much faster!

I sincerely hope this was useful information for everyone reading this.

-Joseph Simon

CEO – Unwind Media

FOR MORE INFO – Reach out to Joseph Simon

Joseph Simon


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