Digital Transformation is Bringing forth a New Era in Wellness

The wellness category is evolving through the use of digital technologies. But wellness is a complex category in itself, and so is tech. Hence we have launched the most specialized wellness observatory to date, focused on well-being in the advent of an information focused economy.

Our parent company, Holistics International, has dedicated significant resources since 2008 in helping define ways in which companies and multilateral organisms can work together to improve the quality of life of citizens world wide. Hence, we have created the Wellness Intelligence Platform, in an effort to bridge gaps in the wellness market.

Our interdisciplinary team and our machine learning algorithms are ethically designed to track consumer/user data, product innovation, media trends and market alerts to identify opportunities to continuously improve consumer/user satisfaction.

Our platform is unique in many ways, as we approach it taking into account both subjective and objective variables and base everything on consumer sentiment and consumer satisfaction. Here are some or the subcategories and niches we are able to track:

Mindfulness and Self-Esteem:

There is an enormous amount of information and tools to help consumers and users improve their mental health directly and indirectly. From neuroscience and brain entrainment technologies to new alternative therapies and the advent of psychedelics, there is a whole new domain of products and services that are using digital tools to help consumers and users improve their well-being.

You can take our consumer/user survey here and join our wellness panel. We are reaching 1 Million users to make our wellness algorithm the most versatile in the industry.

Happiness and Motivation:

The economy of happiness! Can you believe it? We have a whole industry dedicated to make people happy and feel motivated. From personal coaches to self-care, if the value promise implies perceptual improvement of living standards, we’re on it.

Are you in the business of making people happy? Join our observatory by filling out this quick form. We will help you get your message out there.

Holistic Health and Wellness Habits:

From wearable technology to performance tracking apps, there is an incredibly rich category that allows users and consumers to stay on top of their health, from an objective, observable perspective. This exciting category is bound to bring some of the most dramatic improvements in quality of life in our age. Living until 120? Perhaps.

Check your wellness score by joining our wellness panel. By joining you will learn first hand about new products and services to help you boost your health and well-being.

Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability:

Wellness will never be complete if we don’t have the means and if we don’t live in healthy environments. Hence our focus on objectives variables about our living environment and the availability of resources for people to produce and consume sustainably.

For more information about our platform you can contact us by clicking here.


JD Rico is the founder of Holistics and Partner and Editor of the Digitalist Hub. He is a researcher and entrepreneur in the topics of Business Intelligence, Digital Media and Venture Capital. He holds degrees in Anthropology (BA), Economics (BSc), Project Management- Innovation (MSc), Cultural Studies (Min) and Artificial Intelligence Product and Service Design (Cert.). He serves at the board of companies in Emerging Tech, Wellness, Food Tech and Cultural Impact. He writes Cap∙Hackers, a newsletter for 33,000 business owners and investors.

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