Digitalist Hub at the Bitcoin Conference 2022- Miami

The city of Miami will be hosting Bitcoin 2022 on April 6-9, and the Digitalist Hub will be there. While the final agenda is still in the works, we expect some real heavy hitters in the conference as well as some fun times with a community that is mostly about independence, economic empowerment, and innovation.

Some of the confirmed speakers are:

Nayib Bukele: President of El Salvador, the first country to make Bitcoin legal tender.

Michael Saylor: one of the most prominent investors and leaders in the space.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: the Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party.

JP Sears: the famous Facebook comedian.

Dr. Jordan Peterson: perhaps the most popular psychologist and philosopher of our times.

And much more!

If you are interested in learning more about blockchain and the future of the economy this is a great place to start. Bitcoin is more than a coin, it is a movement. You can learn more and register to Bitcoin 2022 by following this link.

In addition to the conferences, there will be an “Industry Day”, a “Pitch Day”, an “Open Source Stage” a Bazaar and a “Sound Money Fest” with more surprises to come.

JD Rico is the founder of Holistics and Partner and Editor of the Digitalist Hub. He is a researcher and entrepreneur in the topics of Business Intelligence, Digital Media and Venture Capital. He holds degrees in Anthropology (BA), Economics (BSc), Project Management- Innovation (MSc), Cultural Studies (Min) and Artificial Intelligence Product and Service Design (Cert.). He serves at the board of companies in Emerging Tech, Wellness, Food Tech and Cultural Impact. He writes Cap∙Hackers, a newsletter for 33,000 business owners and investors.

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