How do you find and contact your B2B leads?

Acquiring B2B leads requires time and effective strategy development. From capturing the attention of the target audience to convincing them to enter a conversion tunnel, lead generation is a complex task. How to find these future prospects and how to get in touch with them? Here are some tips on how to get new B2B contacts quickly.

Send your targets paper mailings

For the past few years, all B2B companies have turned to sending emails to find leads. Among the volume of emails they receive daily, most of them are likely to land directly in their inbox.

The idea of sending a paper mail is an effective technique to differentiate yourself from your competitors. However, you need to find a way to make this strategy appeal to your target audience. Think about intriguing and entertaining your recipient. If you just send a simple letter, you risk throwing money out the window.

Personalize the envelope and stamp. Don’t forget to take care of the presentation of your letter. You can also include a promotional item with your letter to impress your leads.

Use LinkedIn to attract B2B leads

As a leading professional social network, LinkedIn is a great platform to generate B2B leads quickly. Use an automation tool like Kaspr to acquire new contacts on this social network. It makes it easy to send LinkedIn invites and “welcome” messages.

This tool is a great way to save time in the process of acquiring qualified leads. In fact, all you have to do is specify the type of audience you want to target on the search bar and you will get a list of several qualified contacts in a few clicks.

Create scenarios based on your targets’ needs. Personalized messages are more interesting for leads. Do a little audit on their field of activity to encourage them to respond.

Make your site visible on Google

The visibility of your site is crucial to generate new B2B leads. Visitors need to see your pages before they make a decision. Your publications influence them and lead them to give you their contact information or not. That’s why it’s essential to implement techniques that can boost your site in the first pages of Google.

Growth hackers advise the use of Google Ads and SEO strategies to better position you on search engines. To succeed in your natural referencing, turn to a dedicated tool. It will identify all the relevant keywords that will highlight your products and services.

Encourage your customers to recommend you to their contacts

Word-of-mouth is an effective technique to acquire new qualified contacts. In addition, these are hot leads that can become real customers, without you having to prospect.

To take advantage of this technique, ask your customers who are satisfied with your offers and services to recommend you to their friends. In other words, turn them into ambassadors for your products.

Besides word-of-mouth, referrals also help generate B2B leads. Encourage your loyal customers to leave their opinions on social networks. Their comments on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook are real levers to gain trust.

Use a lead generation tool

A successful leadgen campaign requires time and investment. That’s why using a dedicated tool helps you simplify the steps to follow. Choose automation software that allows you to perform several marketing actions at the same time.

The Kaspr tool is a revolutionary lead generator. It has all the features to find qualified leads quickly. It not only collects contact information from prospects, but also offers you the possibility to automatically export them to your CRM. This B2B marketing automation tool also helps you save time in sales prospecting on LinkedIn.

Choosing a lead generation software depends on your business goals. Start by analyzing your needs in order to research and compare the available offerings. Check the features of the leadgen software and choose one that is flexible. This criterion gives you the opportunity to take advantage of multiple customization options to ensure the effectiveness of the software.

The final word

There are different ways to find and contact B2B leads. Combining them would be the key to a successful lead acquisition campaign. Apart from the tips mentioned in this article, resort to growth hacking techniques. This strategy also allows you to acquire a large number of qualified leads in a short period of time.

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