How Technology Can Help You Grow Your Business

Over 80% of organizations agree that technology has played a pivotal role in their business strategies. We are in the middle of a technological revolution.

Businesses around the world are harnessing its power to achieve extraordinary feats. Smaller businesses in particular have the option to utilize modern technology to greatly help themselves. 

The only question is how? There are certain tools and ways to use technology that is both easy and effective in transforming how you operate your business. 

We have compiled a handy guide to help you harness technology in simple ways to grow your business exponentially. 

How Technology can help you grow your business

While technological advancement has proved to be a boon for us, it is important to note that it is not a magical solution to problems. It will not suddenly double your profits. Rather, it is the means to achieve desired results. 

There are many ways to use technical tools that will help grow your business. These can be in product development, better management of the workplace, streamlining the workflow, or enhancing the marketing practices.

All these efforts are sure to reflect in immediate profits and your eventual growth of the company. Not to mention the room to innovate that comes with it all on its own. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some simple ways to harness technology to grow your business. 

  1. Work efficiently

One of the most prominent ways technology impacts business is the way day-to-day operations are conducted. The entire process can be replaced with just a few clicks to achieve better results. 

Instead of preparing presentations from scratch every time, you can simply use marketing presentation templates to create stellar presentations in no time. They not only help you convey your point better, they also save you time and energy.

Instead of manually logging things like attendance and logs of stationary being used in the office, you can maintain them digitally. This allows much neater upkeep and the option to search logs far more easily. 

You alos get the option to collect relevant data and use it to identify issues that may need work from your side. The use of technology puts your entire workplace into perspective where you can pick both good and bad things to work on them accordingly.

  1. Increase productivity

Today, businesses get access to very many tools that can help them increase their productivity. You have software that can help you manage your employees in an efficient manner. They also help you engage and motivate your team to perform better.

Even the most mundane of tasks get a boost with the use of digital tools. For instance, getting things done such as printing manuals and brochures would require multiple steps. Having to option to have it be done in a few clicks with Helloprint booklet printing helps save you the effort.

Put simply, you can accomplish more in the same amount of time. It directly increases your productivity and the quality of the work you produce. A productive workforce is a happy workforce as well.

This helps you create a positive work environment where people accomplish more than they could. They would be motivated to do more and contribute to the growth of your organization. 

  1. Better management

As briefly stated above, digital tools help you put your organization’s operations into perspective. This vision allows you to take a complete look at it as well as focus on individual areas at once. That, in turn, helps you manage your company better than was possible earlier.

Today, you can opt to store your entire work on the internet. Cloud computing, as it is called, frees you of the burden of physical storage, allowing you to manage your tasks better. Things move quicker in this setup, allowing you to make decisions on the go.

Additionally, you can also take the help of dedicated software meant to manage workspaces. Communication apps contain all corporate talk in one place and management apps organize all the segments of your company neatly.

They give you the necessary confidence to take the steps to take your business forward when you have all the data about how to move forward.

  1. Streamline workflow

Something that often gets overlooked is how much technology has helped with taking care of mundane tasks. Automation tools perform tasks that require minimal creative energy, leaving you to dedicate your efforts to tasks that actually matter.

Streamlining the workflow allows massive room for innovation. Processes like product development and marketing campaigns get a boost of innovation when workers don’t have to worry about routine tasks. 

Employees can focus on data-driven, customer-oriented efforts that allow them to explore possibilities. The streamlined workflow also reveals redundant tasks that may be consuming organizational resources. 

  1. Better marketing practices

Marketing is perhaps the aspect where the effect of technological advancement is the most apparent. Conventional marketing has grown past itself to evolve into game-changing phenomena like social media marketing and email marketing. 

Businesses, especially smaller businesses have an excellent opportunity to learn about their target customer and pitch them personable, extremely targetted ads. You can connect with them, engage with them and pitch them products right in their inboxes.

You don’t necessarily need any tools for that. You just need to be on various social media platforms. They are free, highly accessible, and present an excellent opportunity for you to create an image for your brand. 

Similarly, email marketing helps you create a bond with your present and potential customers. You can learn about them and know what their preferences are. You can also educate them about how your products can help them before you pitch it to them.

  1. Analyze on the go

You have many tools at your disposal that help you measure every aspect of your company — from output to outcomes. Every step taken by you can be data-driven to gauge how profitable it will be and what you can do to improve on it.

For instance, you can track the number of visitors you get on your website, how many people engage with your posts on social media, and how many people open your emails. These analytics helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

If, say, you notice a decline in people visiting your website, you can look for reasons for the decline. Perhaps the loading time of the web pages is putting them off. Or maybe the not many social media posts your share are actually linking back to the site. 

You can tweak every aspect that you suspect may be leading to the cause and see if the numbers pick up or not. Analytical tools give you the power to make informed decisions that contribute to the growth of your company.

  1. Build meaningful relationships with your customers

Customer experience directly affects your profits. And the digital space helps you build fruitful relationships with your customers. Gone are the days when brands would simply pitch the same advert to every customer with no way of receiving their feedback.

Today, marketing efforts have become more about grooming a potential customer towards making a purchase. After that, you continue to build on that relationship to make them stay a loyal patron of your brand.

Tools like email marketing and social media greatly help in that. You can directly talk to people on social media, ask them questions, engage them with polls and learn about what they expect from you to deliver on those expectations. 

Email marketing allows you to hold one-on-one conversations with your target audience. They are also great to continue a relationship post-purchase as you can teach them how to get the most out of the product or what else they can buy to complete a purchase.

  1. Stay ahead of the curve

As great as the digital age is to accomplish tasks with efficiency, it is also an excellent tool to learn and better oneself. Online learning is a boon for people to learn better skills and capitalize on the latest trends.

You can stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry with just a few clicks. They are a great source of inspiration and can help you innovate. You can also keep up with your competitors.

You may learn about things that may be prevalent in some other part of the world and can have excellent potential where you are. You may get new ideas to interact with your target audience better. 


The use of technology is nothing new when it comes to business spaces. Every business is making use of technological tools to advance itself.

What truly makes a difference is how you use it. You don’t have to undertake huge steps or overhaul everything in your workspace to make a difference.

Rather, you can make smaller changes and incorporate technology into your space at a pace comfortable to you. The technological revolution begins with you.

Let us know in the comments how you think technology can benefit a business’ growth and how you would incorporate it into your workspace.

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