LinkedIn prospecting: how to approach your leads?

Social selling is an increasingly popular method for B2B companies to carry out their marketing activities. In this context, platforms such as LinkedIn are used at different stages of the sales process, not least when contacting leads. This step is crucial, as it influences the further exchanges between the salesperson and the prospect. Here are a few tips on how to effectively and subtly start the conversation on LinkedIn.

Prepare your profile and create a group

LinkedIn is full of millions of potential customers who can help your business grow. Once you’ve identified your target audience, don’t hesitate to enrich your contact base with lead generation tools such as Kaspr, a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy for you to conduct your prospecting efforts on LinkedIn. Not only can Kaspr collect contact information from your prospects, but it can also send your messages in an automated way.

group on LinkedIn is a virtual space where you and your target audience can interact seamlessly. Indeed, you have the opportunity to publish announcements, share content, etc. To create a group on this professional social network, simply select “Product” on the navigation bar and click on the “Groups” icon. Next, click on “My Groups”, an option found at the top of the next page. Finally, select “Create a Group”. Remember to set up your group so that your subscribers, their contacts and other users can easily recognize you. Don’t forget to make sure your profile clearly indicates your position, your activity, your experiences, your company logo, etc.

Approach your leads

Once you have a list of potential customers, it’s time to start a conversation with them. Be aware that two out of three connection requests are accepted almost “blindly” on LinkedIn. It is therefore important to personalize the contact action to be sure to get the prospect’s attention. We recommend three stages of communication in order to meet their expectations and validate their maturity and commitment.

1. Thank your new contact

Inflating your directory with thousands of useless contacts is not going to get you anywhere. Thanking your prospect for accepting to be part of your network is a sign of politeness, but also a simple way to start a conversation. It also means that you are available to them.

To personalize your message, don’t hesitate to remind your prospect of the circumstances of your meeting, if it has already taken place.

2. Add value to your prospect

Promoting your offer (service or product) directly can sometimes scare users. Instead, demonstrate to your contact that you are the right person to solve their problems and achieve their goals. To do this, don’t hesitate to follow your prospect’s news and adapt your approach according to the situation. If they comment on an article related to your business, for example, let them know that you noticed their action and offer them a white paper. Also, share some great advice, your blog, your group on LinkedIn… You can also approach your lead by talking about his job change, a common relationship, etc.

3. Communicate your intentions

A third message is a good opportunity to introduce your prospect to your field of activity and the solutions your company offers. Don’t hesitate to suggest a physical meeting or a phone call if they want to know more.

Analyze your lead’s reaction

Whether it’s in writing or by phone, approaching a lead found on LinkedIn is one thing. Analyzing their reaction is another. Indeed, this step amounts to determining the maturity level of your prospect. Several criteria must be taken into consideration, including click-through rate, message open rate and scroll rate. This step also allows you to adapt your next action based on the prospect’s reaction.

Be yourself in your prospecting actions

“The first impression is always the right one, especially if it’s a bad one,” they say. When you talk about your business and solutions during a LinkedIn post, don’t oversell them so as not to scare the prospect away. Know that leads are fragile. Be extremely reactive in this contact process. Don’t invent skills that you don’t master, and stay honest about your mission and role. And above all, using lead generation tools like Kaspr is useless if you don’t update your profile and animate your group.

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