Live Shopping: the advantages of this new format

The strategies of Online sales are constantly changing. So much, that digital businesses need to continuously adapt to not lose opportunities in the world of virtual commerce. Going through websites and social networks, today we come to the popular live shopping, a sales format that is growing more and more.

What is live shopping? What are its benefits? Do they fit all businesses? Keep reading and discover the answers to these common questions that arise when talking about this new format for online sales. 

What is Live Shopping?

This name comes from a new sales format that had its boom during the times of confinement. It consists of creating live broadcasts of an online store where one or more people behind the brand or company present products while interacting with users as they make their purchases live. 

It can be compared to the old teleshopping format, but in this case there is a much more personalized live broadcast and interaction with the user. Live Shopping allows the seller to talk and show in detail the characteristics of the product, thus generating a clearer, more fluid and positive communication. The potential buyer, for his part, can learn more about the product he is interested in and interact with the brand at the same time, making his comments, doubts or concerns known.

Although Live Shopping had its greatest growth during confinement due to the impossibility of going to physical stores, the truth is that it continued to advance and today it has become a true trend. The main reason for this is that it allows for more human contact than an online store alone. Well, live interaction makes the user feel more involved, the purchase process is warmer and the brand or company becomes more human. 


Advantages of live purchases

There are many advantages of this new online sales format. These same ones are, in turn, the ones that motivate online stores to try the live shopping strategy to build loyalty with users and increase the number of conversions.

Purchases at the moment

One of the greatest advantages is that through live purchase, transactions are carried out at the moment without interruptions or intermediate processes. This is something very attractive for users since they can immediately make a purchase motivated by the seller’s words or comments. In addition, many times you can access discounts or exclusive offers. 

Increased interaction

Interaction is largely lost when sales are made online through a store. Well, although there are often chats or spaces for direct communication, communication is not the same as in a live broadcast. Live purchases allow a greater and better interaction between the brand and the user, since questions can be asked at the moment and talk almost as if you were in a physical store. 


Another benefit of this format is that it can reach thousands of people when developed with a good background strategy. Taking into account that live broadcasts are already attractive to the user due to their dynamism, when it is also an option to buy online, interest increases even more. In this way the volume of users that can be reached is very large.

Live shopping is here to stay and more and more companies are choosing this format to improve their presence with the user and potentially increase their sales.

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