Luxury brands and their adaptation to ecommerce

In recent times the growth of online stores was really significant. First started with those businesses that already had a certain presence on the Internet. And finally, luxury brands joined the world of e-commerce. So much that today it’s possible to buy products from recognized brands such as off white bag from the comfort of our home with just a couple of clicks and without even moving.

The arrival of luxury brands in e-commerce was not quick. Many are still reluctant to take the step and prefer to continue with traditional sales. However, those companies that have done so have several advantages in their favor and show that change can be really positive when it has a good strategy behind it.

The arrival of luxury products in the digital environment

At first, the growing use of smartphones to view content and make purchases was what led brands to carve out a space online. In some cases, profiles on social networks were enough to take their product to another level. Later, the global pandemic situation practically forced almost all companies to create their first online store and work on digital strategies.

But the luxury brands did not give in so easily. It was important to maintain the main quality of the business: exclusivity. Thus, it was not enough to create one more online store, but to continue making a difference with benefits or special tools. For this, the brands that gradually joined took into account two aspects, customer service and order preparation details.

Unique benefits

One of the strengths of luxury ecommerce is in the exclusive benefits. To maintain their status, these stores must do continuous and meticulous work in order to maintain the user’s attentive gaze and attract new consumers. Some of the resources used successfully are discount coupons, presales, exclusive and limited collections, limited time sales and subscription programs.

Excellent customer service

That exclusivity typical of physical luxury stores had to be kept intact so as not to lose customers and, at the same time, gain new ones. For this reason, e-commerce stores complement the entire sales process with a top-quality customer service. In some brands it is possible to have a perfect accompaniment, answers in seconds, very complete automated chats and even suggestions in real time.

First class packaging and marketing

The marketing jobs done by many luxury brands are truly extraordinary. This shows that the importance of keeping the bar high remains paramount. The packaging that accompanies purchases in digital luxury stores preserves the exclusivity and elegance of the sector. At the same time, unique details such as small gifts and tailored benefits are added so that the customer who buys online lives the same experience as in a physical store.

Like many other businesses, luxury brands are here to stay in the world of e-commerce. Today you can find the big fashion companies and exclusive products within the reach of a click. And although they are still companies for more limited audiences, the possibility of accessing their products from anywhere in the world undoubtedly implies an important change in the field.

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