Negative Emotions and Positive Feelings

Many people aren’t even aware that they have bad habits. They just wonder why the universe keeps conspiring against them and causing them to have such terrible luck. They never even realize that in most cases they are the cause of all of their own problems through the bad habits they keep repeating.

In order to make genuine, positive improvements in your life, the first step is to develop self-awareness. You can’t effectively choose new habits if you aren’t even aware of what your current habits are. In this section, we are going to walk through the process of becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions so that you can see the connection between them and the things that are happening to you in your life.

By developing this sense of self-awareness, you can move your subconscious thoughts and feelings into the conscious sphere of your thinking, analyze these thoughts so that they can make the connection between your bad habits and their consequences to your life, and then choose new behaviors based on what you discover about yourself.

What Is It You Want?

Everybody wants something out of life. For some, it may be a happy, fulfilling marriage. For others, it’s unlimited wealth and power. For still others, it could be spiritual enlightenment or a feeling of closeness to a higher power.

As the Rolling Stones once sang, “You can’t always get what you want/But if you try sometime/You just might find/You get what you need.”

What is it you want more than anything else out of life? Try to think in “big picture” terms. Rather than simply wanting to stop smoking, your goal may be to achieve optimal health. Rather than just to pay off a staggering amount of debt, think of your goal as enjoying financial security or even prosperity for the rest of your life.

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