The Blockchain Beyond Money

I spoke with Matthew Gould about non-financial applications for blockchain technology. I was impressed, to say the least, by Matthew’s combination of depth and pragmatism. Depth, because he has a deep understanding of the potential web3 holds. Pragmatism, because of his ability to condense complex ideas into simple statements and tools.

Matthew comes from the tech start-up world. He has been involved in DAOs and Crypto since 2016. His project is to allow crypto users to collect and manage every token and wallet through a custom NFT domain.

NFTs are non-fungible-tokens. Currently in fashion as they are being sold and resold for fortunes in the form of JPEG designs and artwork.

But NFTs are functional beyond the notion of ownership and may take different forms which we are currently developing. One of these forms are domains: NFTs as domains that only need to be purchased once and may help unify your holistic digital identity.

Matthew is knowledgeable, passionate, and a great communicator. Listen to us talk about NFTs, non-financial tokens, the history of crypto, and exciting new projects in the space.

Click here if you’re interested in your custom NFT domain.

Here are a few of the things I learned after speaking to Matthew. After this talk, I was even more excited about the potential impact of blockchain technologies on our future as a human race.

  • Blockchain is a technology that is allowing different types of people to develop a range of applications. Matthew mentioned how he could even evidence differences in styles of projects, generally speaking, between the East and West Coast.
  • The main social force that drives blockchain is trust. The second force is property rights.
  • Increased trust reduces costs.
  • Blockchain is enabling more access to capital.
  • Web3 represents the rise of the influencer and the creative class.
  • Blockchain makes credentials (i.e., certificates, badges, etc.), additive.
  • Blockchain is essentially a tool that will allow people to be digital.

Stay tuned for more.

JD Rico is the founder of Holistics and Partner and Editor of the Digitalist Hub. He is a researcher and entrepreneur in the topics of Business Intelligence, Digital Media and Venture Capital. He holds degrees in Anthropology (BA), Economics (BSc), Project Management- Innovation (MSc), Cultural Studies (Min) and Artificial Intelligence Product and Service Design (Cert.). He serves at the board of companies in Emerging Tech, Wellness, Food Tech and Cultural Impact. He writes Cap∙Hackers, a newsletter for 33,000 business owners and investors.

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