The Evolution of DAOs – Philip Leblanc discusses CPG DAO

I had the pleasure to chat with Philip from CPG DAO. I enjoyed his eloquent understanding of DAOs and the potential they hold.

We discussed how organizations are evolving, the difference between corporations and DAOs, and how to build a community in web 3.

Here is the full interview!

Some other interesting ideas you might like about this interview.

  • The Idea of WAGMI (“We are all going to make it”): is the best way to describe the philosophy of web 3.
  • The use of web3 tools and apps keeps growing.
  • The whole idea of DAOs is that you’re continuously iterating with the community, who at the same time has skin in the game to improve your operation, and your organization.
  • The idea of getting as many different folks within your community to be decision-makers, to help operate it, to help move it forward and not have this centralized kind of failure or centralized kind of command and control, which is part of the goal.
  • A big challenge remains to capture the right talent, not just to work in the DAO but also as community members.

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