The Formula for Happiness in the Social Media Age

A while back I was reading an article about Michael Jordan and the reporter asked “How are you so much better than everyone else?”  Michael Jordan replied “They are trying to be as good as I am while I am trying to be the best I can be.”

When looking at social media we tend to compare our lives to the lives of others, but our comparison is only to what others lives appear to be.  In reality we don’t post things online that put us in a bad light.  Our struggles, pain, and negative emotions are put through a filter and  are never posted on the internet.  Instead we post the amazing things we are doing, the fun we are having, the people we are hanging out with, and the amazing places we are at.  

Compare yourself to how good you can be instead of comparing to others.

  Be truly grateful and happy for others when you see they are doing something fun.  Pay attention to your initial reaction to someone else’s good fortune.  You can train yourself to automatically think this way by consciously repeating it until it becomes part of who you are.  

The formula for happiness is simple. If LC = BP then you are happy.  LC stands for Life Condition or how your life currently is.  BP stands for Blueprint or how you think life should be. 

Dr. Greg Pursley

If you are unhappy about something in your life then you only have 2 questions to ask.  Should I change my Life Condition or my Blueprint? For most people changing their life condition is easier than changing the way they think it should be.  

So when you are looking at social media and you see something you want to travel to, or taste, or feel, or do then change your life condition.  Write it down and work toward it.  Remind yourself about it daily and focus on it until it is a reality.  Make your life the best it can be!  Only compare yourself to where you want to end up. 

Try this simple task. 

1) In a quiet place without distraction ask yourself “what do I want my life to be like?” and then write down the answers as fast as you can.  Keep asking until you are done writing.  Think about your dream job, relationship, hobbies, living situation, money, faith, body, or whatever is important to you.  

2) Write down where you are currently at in your life.  Now you have created a gap between where you are now and where you want to end up.  

3) Create an action plan and then TAKE ACTION!  Once again sitting in a quiet location without any interruptions write down everything that comes to mind that you can do in order to make your life like you want it to be, even if it sounds ridiculous.  Then you can look at your list and choose the things you are going to put in to action immediately.  

4) Review this process often.  I look at mine morning and night and do another one every quarter.  

This way I am always monitoring and correcting anything that isn’t working.  

Dr. Greg Pursley

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