The Science Behind AI-Driven Content Creation

Even though it is not new, AI-driven content creation is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for those businesses that want to improve their online presence. We’ve seen a massive rise in the popularity of image recognition, facial recognition, and language processing applications.

These applications enable businesses to understand their customers better. For example, an online retailer can automatically use an image recognition application to identify your face in an online photograph. From there, the company can match you to a preferred product based on your selected color, size, and material.

The facial recognition application enables businesses to identify and label their customers’ faces automatically. This recognition allows the business to build a “profile” for each of its customers, making targeted offers to the appropriate customers based on the individual’s preferred products, styles and offers.

This is just one of many examples of the many ways businesses can use AI to drive their marketing efforts. AI-driven content generation provides companies powerful marketing tools to better engage with customers on social media and websites.

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