How to overcome the challenges faced by the CBD industry due to advertising limitations

For eCommerce owners selling CBD products, advertising on social media can be a major challenge. Due to restrictive advertising policies on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, CBD product ads can be rejected or removed without notice.

However, this does not mean that you cannot monetize your digital assets. Here are some strategies you can implement to maximize your revenue without relying solely on social media advertising.

  1. Create valuable content on your website

Quality content on your website is essential for attracting traffic and converting it into sales. Make the most of your resources and create useful and informative content for your customers. For example, you can write blogs about the benefits of CBD, usage guides, and CBD-infused recipes, among others. You can also produce educational videos or even podcasts to engage your customers and generate interest.

  1. Collaborate with influencers

Although advertising CBD products is prohibited on social media, influencers can be an excellent way to promote your products. Look for wellness, health, and lifestyle influencers who share your values and collaborate with them to promote your products. Ensure they comply with legal requirements to avoid legal issues in the future.

  1. Optimize your SEO efforts.

SEO or search engine optimization is crucial for any online business. Optimize your web pages to improve their ranking on search engines. Identify keywords that customers use to search for CBD products and make sure to include them on your website. You can also improve your SEO by building links with other websites and posting updated content regularly.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can transform companies’ SEO and content marketing strategies. With the help of AI tools like VoxQI (,  marketers can analyze vast amounts of data and use analytics tools to identify patterns and trends in consumer behavior.

AI can help marketers personalize content and advertising for each potential customer, increasing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. AI can also be used to optimize SEO, helping marketers select the right keywords and improve content relevance in search engines; according to Gartner research, by 2021, more than 50% of e-commerce companies will use AI to personalize the customer experience. According to Deloitte research, 36% of e-commerce companies have seen an increase in sales thanks to the use of AI technologies.

  1. Use email

Email remains an effective tool for engaging customers and increasing sales. Create email lists and segment your customers to send personalized emails. You can send follow-up emails after customers have purchased, offering discounts on future purchases. You can also send emails with valuable content for your customers.

  1. Try other advertising platforms

Although major social media platforms may have restrictive advertising policies, other advertising platforms allow CBD product advertising. Try platforms like Google Ads, Reddit Ads, and others to reach new potential customers.

In summary, although advertising on social media can be a challenge for CBD businesses, it does not mean that you cannot monetize your digital assets. Use the available resources to create valuable content on your website, collaborate with influencers, optimize your SEO, use email, and try other advertising platforms to maximize your revenue and reach more potential customers.

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