They say you are what you eat…

They say, “You are what you eat,” but in business, “You are what WE READ”

One way or another, we’re going to read about your business, we are, after all, a content-driven, online culture. What you write, in regards to your business, is more important than ever. We make up our minds quickly and rarely give second chances to websites, books or content we felt wasted out time. 

It might be time to hire a professional writer, or in this case, a certified ghostwriter, to give your brand a Content-Makeover! For the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus on the business book you should be writing. 

The first thing you need to understand is that the tendencies of readers today have shifted dramatically in the last ten years. Case in point – you’re reading a digital magazine. No one seems to have time towastereading your business book. It is imperative, now more than ever, to write concisely and for emotion.

We do business with people we feel we know, like, and can trust. 

4 Facts:

Fact #1:

Writing a book about your business is one of the best, if not the best, ways to be deemed as a credible expert in the marketplace.

Fact #2:

Most business books neverget written.

Fact #3:

Most business books that do get written and published do little for the author because of the way it’s been written or leveraged.

Fact: #4:

You should seriously consider hiring a certified ghostwriter. 

Every industry is ultra competitive. There are few blue oceans; most ponds, lakes, and rivers are jammed with competition. Your content has to be top-notch in order to compete with the big dogs. 

4 reasons why you should hire a certified ghostwriter to write your business book:

1.It will be written better than you ever could. 

Every Saturday morning, I play basketball with the same group of people. Not to brag, but I’m one of the better players. But I only get to play once a week and I’m 5’8. I could never beat an NBA player. 

My point: let a professional book writer write your professional book, otherwise it will come out amateurish.

2. More people will actually read it.

The mistake most “nobody’s” make is they start writing about themselves. Guess what? We don’t know you and don’t care about you. We want to know if spending a few hours on your book is to OUR benefit. A certified ghostwriter will keep the book prospect-centric. In the first chapter, assure them that contained in your book are the answers they’ve been searching for. Then, you can start peppering in your illustrious resume. 

My point: A certified ghostwriter is not a Yes-person. He or she will tell you when you’re being ostentatious and get the onus back on the reader. 

3. Your book will get done – and in a timely manner!

Face it, you don’t have the time to write your book but your book will be written because you paid someone to do it.

A business book should not be written in 30 days, you’d miss out on adding things you’ll regret later. It also shouldn’t take 6 months, business moves too fast. 99 days. Tell your ghostwriter to write a chapter a week for you and get it done and edited in 99 days.

4. You get all the credit and royalties!

Your name goes on the cover and it should, it’s your content! A certified ghostwriter gets contracted to write your book and to quietly disappear. 

Many people believe books are losing their power. Not true. At all. If you want to get on media, on stages, keynote large conferences … you need a book. I’ve seen books triple someone’s business without him selling a book.

You have to understand – you don’t write a book to make money selling books. You write a book to make more money in your business. 

A well-written book doesn’t just open doors, it’s a wrecking ball. It smashes down walls. If, and only if, it’s done right. So, if you want to write a book that can transform your business and raise your profile, do it right, hire a certified ghostwriter. 

Eli Gonzalez – Author & Best Selling Ghostwriter

CEO – The Ghost Publishing

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