Torrenting is a cause of a number of problems in Spain

Spain is considered to have the worst situation for internet piracy in Europe. As 2015 statistics show, almost 90 percent of all online content, including music, films and TV series, is pirated in Spain. While such statistics are frightening, independent researchers say they are still growing. Although these violations are regulated by law, the situation changes slightly.

Although Spain is known as a country where illegal file downloads are allowed, it is not true. According to Spain piracy report, in the past Internet users were able to share anything they wanted unless they did not make money out of it. However, this did not work as in this way, everything you upload to the Internet will become available to everyone in Spain for free. And that means that it becomes problematic for artists, music and filmmakers to earn money for their work.

Thus, a new Intellectual Property Law was released in 2015. It provided fines for piracy websites, including the torrent sites. For example, in 2019 there were seven torrent sites blocked. One of them has had more than 85 million visits during the period of one year. Such results were one of the causes of the crisis in the art world and the difficulty for artists of making the ends meet.

So, is torrenting legal in Spain, or not?

While this may sound confusing, torrents are not illegal in Spain. However, only if the work you are sharing is not copyrighted. Otherwise, it is illegal. Most people who violate the laws of copyright are being searched by special companies engaged in it. Their purpose is to find those who break the law and punish them. This means paying the specified fine, depending on the size of the violation, and signing a pledge not to pirate anymore.

In the beginning, people did not tend to take such information seriously. However, non-response to claims often offenders sue in front of a civil court. And that’s expensive enough. In addition, you are unlikely to deny and prove that you have not broken the law.

Are there any ways out?

Actually, there are. One of the most reliable ways you can still use torrenting in Spain and not have problems is to use a Virtual Private Network. This will make your Internet connection private and your IP address will become invisible to your Internet Service Provider or other people, even if you use a public hotspot. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So, if you want to take full advantage of the torrent, it’s worth doing an analysis to find out which Torrenting VPNs suit your needs the best. It must be noticed that VPNs having strong encryption protocols and security smarts do not come for free. Also, such VPNs do not require any of your personal information. If not, consider choosing another VPN. Finally, try a VPN service before you purchase it. This will help you find out if the services of a particular provider really meet your expectations.

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